Flow profiles from different undersampling factors and reconstruction algorithms.

Reconstruction of magnetic resonance flow imaging data using parallel imaging

From June 2010 until August 2012, I worked under supervision of Professor João Luiz Carvalho on the development of algorithms to reconstruct Fourier velocity encoded MRI data using parallel imaging. In my senior project and scientific initiation research, I used 2D image domain SPIRiT to reconstruct images and flow diagrams. It was also investigated the use of different approaches in the image reconstruction of spiral FVE data such as: combining a reduced number of coils (near important vessels or reducing the effective FOV), and using an inversion of the Fourier transformations applied in the reconstruction process (spatial and velocity domains). My results were presented at the 20th ISMRM Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 34th EMBC, XXIII Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Biomédica and also in my senior thesis. For detailed information, consult my publications.


. Parallel imaging acceleration of spiral Fourier velocity encoded MRI using SPIRiT. In 34th EMBC, 2012.


. Reconstrução de Imagens de Ressonância Magnética com Imageamento Paralelo. In IEEE R9 Student Paper Contest, 2011, 2011.